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Damnation Defaced : Slaughter Race : Metal albums reviews

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Damnation Defaced : Slaughter Race, brief review

Damnation Defaced :  Slaughter Race

Band name: Damnation Defaced

And only 2 years after releasing their first full-length album called "Beyond The Pale", a new portion of pure brutality and musical art was given to us on this new EP called "Slaughter Race" by the guys from death metal band "Damnation Defaced" from Celle, Germany.

On this new self-released EP you can find 4 brand new tracks. This is not generic or conventional death metal, no way, these guys are grown up monsters of death metal that know how to structure their songs and what they should talk about on them. You only need to listen to the first track called "Warlord" to figure out what they are about. The songs on this ep are kind of fast or are at mid-tempo and you can directly hear that structure and melody are the strength of their music. Remarkable are also the wonderful leads and solos that soften the music and give you some time to breathe, 'cause the rest of the album is only pure brutality and fast death metal at it's best.

I really like the groove of this EP and the few but good acoustic parts like at the beginning of "Warlord". Some riffs on this EP are really catchy and it's a pleasure to listen to. The voice of the singer is not really a death growl, it's rather desperate shouting, a voice full of pain and anger that I love. The drums are really dynamic at some points and I can almost say that they have a "progressive" touch.

Although this 18 minute long masterpiece is self-released and self-financed, the quality is very good. It has a raw mix but everything fits together and every sound on the album sounds wonderful. The cover art is also amazing and fits to the music.

This is not only a record for death metal fans, it can be enjoyed by metalheads that also like melody and progressive parts in their music and also much groove and structure.
Damnation Defaced are band that managed to release an EP that can be enjoyed by every metalhead someway. A very good release, check them out!

Album: Slaughter Race, review

The bands country origin: Germany

Metal albums reviews

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