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My Shameful : ...of Dust : Metal albums reviews

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My Shameful : ...of Dust, brief review

My Shameful : ...of Dust

Band name: My Shameful

Admittedly, I don't put forth much effort into finding bands whose music is truly depressing. My desire to spiral downwards into a pit of sorrow and dismay comes about only once in a while, and it never stays for long; therefore, most groups I hear thrown around I either don't get around to checking out, or their music doesn't fit the bill for true depression. Finnish quartet My Shameful delivers true depression with their sophomoric full length, ...Of Dust. This album contains all the crushingly heavy riffs, low pitched vocals, and excruciatingly slow music one could desire in order to invoke the deepest of gloomy states, and it does so in under a single hour.

What first grabbed my attention was the lyrics present in ... Of Dust. Sure, they read as the typical run-of-the-mill themes such as sorrow and death, but they also carry a certain edge to them. One doesn't even need to reside in a depressive state of mind to appreciate the sheer lifelessness here; in fact, simply reading them is enough to spiral downwards into this sorrowful state. Their combination of a relatively simple vocabulary and the way in which they are arranged allow for a mental image to appear before the listener has time to realize it. Let me to take the first two verses from the song Your Darkness Shine:

All hope I have left behind me
With peaceful mind I face tomorrow
No use to fight anymore against my fate
Blinded have I been by false hope

There is no tomorrow
Yesterday, I left it all fall
My memories I burned, I burned them all
I sweep my hand through the ashes
That once were my life, still warm

A single once through of these two verses are enough to ignite that single spark of sadness inside a person. My Shameful realized this, and seized that opportunity when orchestrating their music. This song in particular opens up with a series of five quick, down tuned guitar chords backed by percussion and bass; serving as a paradigm for the rest of the song, repeating itself for each and every verse, engraving it deeper into the listener's mind. While I normally dislike excess repetition, preferring instead a variation of sounds in a song, I can't help but become enthralled with the music created.

Moving away from Your Darkness Shine to the entire album, the music is orchestrated beautifully. When in doubt, let the dual guitars guide you: They serve as the driving instruments throughout ...Of Dust. When the riffs change, whether to short and crushing or lengthy and drawn out, so does the music. Shorter riffs indicate a greater presence of drums and harsher vocals, while the longer riffs indicate more of an emphasis on cleaner vocals, bass, and keyboards, and sometimes serves as a precursor for sections devoid of guitars entirely.

Despite being engrossed with the extreme depression of the music, there was one aspect of this album I feared would turn me off: The presence of keyboards. Too often bands coining their music as depressive will incorporate piano solos or other manors of classical instrumentation, none of which helps their work at all. The keyboards present in ...Of Dust don't try to be heard; they reside quietly in the background where they belong, and refrain from showing themselves throughout every second of a song. Most often you can hear a few quiet notes at the beginning of each song, growing more scarce as it progresses. They offer enough to add an extra layer onto each song, but not enough to kill the established mood.

Though, destroying that monumental wall of sorrow would prove difficult for simple keyboards, especially after getting an earful of the vocals. Talk about some of the most sickeningly intelligible vocals I've heard in a long while! They alternate between a distant, clean voice to a snarling, tortuous, growl, but never rising in pitch; instead remaining monotonous. The scary part? You can hear and understand just about every verse of every song if you devote attention to it. Those lyrics you read earlier? Combine those with these vocals and you've got yourself something freakishly saddening to deal with.

I found myself greatly impressed with this album. ...Of Dust is one of those works I can say truly induces a depressive state of being. I recommend this to any fan of the doom / death genre as well as anybody looking for a catalyst for a plummeting mood. Notable tracks include Your Darkness Shine, One Lost Forever, and To Never Return, and not a single tracks stands out in a negative way. This album will be an hour you won't regret, although it might not be the most happy of experiences!

A final observation: Each of these songs make for a good, albeit cliché, suicide note.

Album: ...of Dust, review

The bands country origin: Finland

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