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I Miss My Death : In Memories : Metal albums reviews

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I Miss My Death : In Memories, brief review

I Miss My Death : In Memories

Band name: I Miss My Death

Ukraine have had an interesting incline of Atmospheric Doom and Gothic Metal bands within the past five years, taking their inspiration from the romantic styles of bands like Draconian, Theatre of Tragedy, and The Sins of Thy Beloved. Young Ukrainian quintet I Miss My Death falls into this category, playing bombastic and orchestral music with an operatic soprano singer, a healthy dose of classical instruments, and a very dramatic and intense atmosphere.

The elements of Doom are fairly sparse here, mostly being constricted to some odd slow spots throughout the album. A majority of the music consists of some surprisingly intricate and aggressive Symphonic/Gothic Metal. It reminds me most of the invigorated and hostile sound that bands like Tristania and Trail of Tears perpetuated on their first few albums, though with a bit more of that sophisticated Victorian charm that such bands tend to dabble in. Though the band obviously puts much emphasis on pianos, violins, and keyboards, there is plenty of room given to the guitars, bass, and drums to flourish.

The vocals alternate between mid-range growls and refined operatic female vocals. The first half of the album has a pretty balanced exchange between the two, while the latter takes a bit more of a lead in the final few songs. I personally have very mixed feelings about these vocals, as operatic singing is always a give-or-take for me when it comes to this style of music. Soprano singer Elena seems to have had professional training, which is reflected in her mature tone and proficiency over her vibrato and ability to hit incredibly high notes. Yet, as operatic singing has the tendency to do in bands like these, it’s just a bit too diva-sounding to really excel with the rest of the music. What I enjoy about singers like Vibeke Stene and Cecilie Langlie is that their voices can be ethereal and soothing when they want to be, while still being emotional and powerful. I feel like that kind of fragility or melancholic smoothness, which would have been suitable for this album, is severely lacking. The male counterpart is pretty basic, consisting of growls and poetic spoken vocals. No real surprises in that aspect, though his voice is at least inoffensive and is never harsh enough to feel as if he’s disturbing the rest of the music, as many "beauty and the beast" bands have the tendency to do.

Although the vocalists don’t have that much of an effect on me, the instruments pick up the slack pretty well. We have a lot of energized up-tempo bits with neoclassical-inspired guitar melodies, intense and fast paced drumming, and a lot of decent heavy bass solos. The synthesizers here are mostly made up of pianos, organs, and harpsichords, which effectively create a hellish and distressing mood. The song structures range from simplistic verse-chorus ditties, to complex 8 – 10 minute epics. Each instrument has its own shining moment in the intertwining mire of harmonies. It’s very multi-faceted, which I feel most modern "Gothic Metal" bands have lost in their songwriting skills over the past few years.

When looking at the most basic elements, I find 'In Memories' feels recommendable to those who enjoy Trail of Tears' second album, 'Profoundemonium'; aggressive and intricate Gothic Metal with deep grunts, bombastic soprano singing, and flourishes of extreme riffs and symphonic elements. It’s clearly not the most unique arrangement, and I had some difficulty getting into the clean singing and some of the cheesy Victorian aspects of the music. However, considering the plethora of bands out there who have tried this style over the past ten years and failed to stand out, I Miss My Death have done a decent job of resurrecting a formula that has lost its lustre over the past ten years. I find it’s also recommendable to fans of Symphonic Metal like Haggard, Nightwish, and Therion.

Tracklist :
1. The Last Overture
2. In the Dark Garden of the Vampire
3. In Memories
4. Silence Cries
5. Thirteen Autumns of My Solitude
6. Earl Pale
7. Trail into the Past
8. Silent Existence
9. Flower That Fades
10. The One
11. While You Remember Me
12. Lacrimosa (Mozart cover)

The bands country origin: Ukraine

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