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Soijl > Endless Elysian Fields - Genre : Metal albums reviews

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Soijl > Endless Elysian Fields

Soijl > Endless Elysian Fields

Band name: Soijl

The debut effort from Swedish doom/death project Soijl brings about a rather simplistic and minimalist approach to the genre that’s certainly quite decent enough in it’s approach. Revolving around a simple swirling guitar-and-keyboard heavy framework here, this gives off a series of lethargic-to-slow paced efforts built around those swirling riffing patterns and haunting melodic keyboard work as the drumming keeping the pace behind it all dominate the album overall to the extent of forsaking everything else. Even with this minimal approach here, there’s a rather intriguing dynamic throughout

Album: Endless Elysian Fields

The bands country origin: Sweden

Music genre: Bands / Metal albums reviews

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