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No Pleasure in Life > Happiness Is Not an Option : Metal albums reviews

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No Pleasure in Life > Happiness Is Not an Option, brief review

No Pleasure in Life > Happiness Is Not an Option

Band name: No Pleasure in Life

I don't know how I even found this project or why I actually listened to any of the material. Like many, it looks like a typical bedroom depressive black metal project with typical fonts and only one demo. Fortunately, it's decent and people will find this listenable.

"The Coils of Depression" starts off with an acoustic piece that is recorded with a poor use of equipment, however it doesn't fail to appeal to the ears. The drums are really good and don't sound cluttered and obnoxious like most US depressive black metal. The vocal work reminds me of Forgotten Tomb with its desperate strains and shrieks that evoke feelings of emptiness and despair. The guitar work is surprisingly good; it's raw and abrasive and gives it a good atmosphere.

"Happiness is Not an Option" straight away starts with guitar work and a slow and steady drum beat. This is probably my favorite track, although only a few riffs are apparent in this track, yet it holds up well and its atmosphere is cold and raw which is exactly what the duo would have intended. This track practically cloaks you in a veil of darkness and depression.

While not completely original and nothing new to the scene, t

Album: Happiness Is Not an Option, review

The bands country origin: USA

Metal albums reviews

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