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Dionisyan : Biographies of metal bands

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Dionisyan, biography


Band name: Dionisyan

Musical project by TREGOR RUSSO (Composer,Arranger,Multi Instrumentalist,Lyricist).With DIONISYAN he proposes an avantgarde Symphonic Doom/Prog Death Metal

In the Spring of 2010, TREGOR RUSSO (Leper Divine, Sortilegium, Eriaminell, Gates Of Eden and more ... it decides to give life to a new musical project, with the intent to create Music and Lyrics from the deep feelings, pathos, dark emotions and amalgamate melancholy atmospheres in complexes gloomy arrangements.
So DIONISYAN are born, of which himself is the Guitarist, Composer, Arranger and Lyricist.
The new musical project of Tregor Russo proposes Symphonic Doom / Progressive Death Metal and other sub genres, amalgamating Classical Baroque Music and Traditional Arabian Music.
And just gone out "Land of Dreams" the first promo of DIONISYAN, where all instruments ( Electric 7-strings and Classical Guitars, Bass, Drums and Keyboards) was entirely performed and recorded in the studio by Tregor Russo, made exception of the voice, performed by Ignazio Conticello, in the month of April 2012.
Recorded, mixed and produced professionally at the Roxy Studio, to Palermo - Italy, having positive consenses around the world.

In 2013, Tregor Russo once again entered the Studio To record the first full-length CD.
From February to October 2013 He recorded, produced and mixed professionally at Roxy Studio, Palermo - Italy the first full lenght Concept Album of DIONISYAN, performing all the instruments in the studio; Electric 7 strings Guitar, Classical Guitar, Lute, Bass 5 string, Drums, Keyboards and Clean Gregorian Voice, with Ignazio Conticello on Growl Vocals.Tregor Russo directed the orchestrations to the Roxy Studio with regard to the registration of the Violins, Cello, Harp and Harpsichord by some fellow academics who took part in the recording as guests in the Album!

The Album Is expressing mix of feelings between Angels and Demons, it contains growl vocals by Ignazio Conticello, gregorian male vocals by Tregor Russo and gregorian female vocals by Maryanne Bonfante, which give a conflict messed up feelings between Light and Dark, besides that veiled with atmospheric and at the same time melodic doom/death hard Tones.

In January 2014, Tregor Russo again entered the Studio for realized a cd promo samples in HQ Audio of the first innovative Concept Album of his DIONISYAN, for send to Labels, Indie, Webzines, Magazines, fanzines, Radio around the World!

The bands country origin: Italy

Biographies of metal bands

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