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Grey November : Biographies of metal bands

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Grey November, biography

Grey November

Band name: Grey November

"GREY NOVEMBER" was born in the hopelessness of a cold autumn night in 1998. Painful feelings give Cedric SEYSSIECQ the first inspirations of music stamped with deep melancholy, where keyboards and heavy guitars give birth to a dark and romantic doom. GREY NOVEMBER already shares with the french Romantic movement, in the artistic sense of the word, the same aspirations and haunted ideals, the same painful passions and despaired outbursts. The beauty of Sadness, and sadness of Beauty, this grave and dangerous union, pure and clear, guides the compositions into the convergence of a first work. Just under two years later, in 2000, appears the first demo, "Grey November," an ephemeral collaboration between Cédric SEYSSIECQ and the deceased vocalist Lana Coraly. "Languors of the fall, Beauty and Ideal. Laure A., your shadow, over and over, grey, over and over again. The premises of winter, muggy and decaying dawns. "Alles ist schwer". Hope despite everything. Elsewheres and a few perhaps. Grey November. "The demo "Grey November" is now exhausted.
In 2003 is released the demo 'Solitude', on which the hollow and torn voice of Mickaël BOYRON accentuates the discomfort of a music became darker and more tense. Despair for the melancholy of the previous album, nothingness for its disappointed hopes, suffering for its accursed Beauty.
“It rains. At night. Untruthful promises of Beauty. "Tête à tête sombre et limpide qu’un coeur devenu son miroir...". Because of the silver reflection of daybreak, of persistent ecstasies of the night, for new days. Because of my haunted and unfaithful dreams. "La conscience dans le mal"… "
The different pieces are linked to follow the progress of a haunted night which, from evening twilight to uncertain dawn, leads the listener in the dark face to face of a heart become its own mirror. After a new drama occurred during the release of the demo 'Solitude', GREY NOVEMBER enters into sleep.
In November 2008, GREY NOVEMBER finally emerges from its lethargy. 'D'Automne'. A new incursion into the mists of the dead season, where Justine Daae lends her so beautiful and expressive voice as to embody all the sadness of autumn.
Shrouded from the first to the last second by the monotonous sound of rain, the recording renews fully with the melancholy of the first hour, to magnify that feeling by an emotional and sensuously sad music. The iced piano engraves its notes during all five tracks, accompanying the heavy guitars and the long poem that structures the album. The concept comes with a neat artwork that becomes inseparable from the identity of the album 'D'Automne', which allows the listener to become impregnated with all the depth of his text.
On November 1, 2011, GREY NOVEMBER presents its new album, "The Fall of the House of Usher," inspired by the story by Edgar Allan Poe.

The bands country origin: France

Biographies of metal bands

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