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Best metal releases of the current month of 2017

Thormesis : Von Leere und Tod : Metal albums reviews

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Thormesis : Von Leere und Tod, brief review

Thormesis : Von Leere und Tod

Band name: Thormesis

Thormesis is a German band that plays a very emotional form of black and pagan metal. The riffs but also the bass guitar sound dark and heavy. The fast drum passages are completely insane but also technically intriguing without sounding to progressive and make listeners go crazy. The band doesn't forget to include atmospheric and calm passages in their bleak and thundering madness. These moments are short, efficient and very important as they give you a short break from the blizzering darkness. Apart of the harmonious introduction and the Grabfeld cover, the songs are all really long and include many changes and ideas. For some people, this might be rather tough to digest but I immediately got a connection to the tracks as they never sound boring or complicated. It's though a change for the band as the songs of the first two records were shorter and more traditional while this material is epic and sometimes pagan influenced or even slightly progressive. Let's not forget to mention the unchained vocals are among the greatest or maybe even the best of their genre because they are always at the limite from an emotional and technical point of view. As you might guess, this record is quite a catch and the best pure black metal album of the year 2012.

While all songs have a gripping atmosphere, pitiless instrumental sections but also catchy melodies or vocal lines, there is one song that truly stands out from the rest in my humble opinion. I would even go as far to say that this is the best black metal song I have ever listend to. I know and appreciate certain records made by bands such as Bathory, Burzum, Celtic Frost, Chthonic, Cradle of Filth, Darkthrone, Dimmu Borgir, Emperor or Mayhem, have discovered more and more black metal bands lately and admit that all of these bands have written great songs but there is one song in here from this rather unknown German band that beats them all. This track is called "Türme des Schattens". I have never listened to such an emotional song that mixes a feeling of pure despair with amazing guitar melodies, harsh riffs, vivid transitions, profound calm passages, an unbelievable drum performance, unchained vocals and melancholic choral chants towards the epic end. Nevertheless, the track sounds coherent and fluid and not as overloaded as many similar bands tend to be nowadays. I highly recommand you to experience this stunning masterpiece and hope it will blow your mind as it did with mine.

Any fan of emotionally driven black or extreme metal in general with a sophisticated but not overambitious song writing and a few pagan metal inspirations should get this release. Along with the latest release of the Chinese melodic black metal band Terminal Lost, this release is the essential extreme metal record of the year 2012 and you shouldn't miss it out.

Album: Von Leere und Tod, review

The bands country origin: Germany

Metal albums reviews

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