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» » » Lethian Dreams : Requiem for My Soul, Eternal Rest for My Heart

Lethian Dreams : Requiem for My Soul, Eternal Rest for My Heart : Metal albums reviews

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Lethian Dreams : Requiem for My Soul, Eternal Rest for My Heart, brief review

Lethian Dreams :  Requiem for My Soul, Eternal Rest for My Heart

Band name: Lethian Dreams

Unlike most of the doom metal acts these days, Lethian Dreams stick to traditional methods in order to best explore the soundscapes that embody this record. Layered guitars, featuring a particularly stunning dual performance, varied vocals and trudging and entrancing atmospheres. As stated, the appeal of male and female intertwining vocal exploits is something so many metal fans seem to love these days. Mainstream metal bands, like Lacuna Coil, have produced performances that have been seen as dazzling, in terms of the interchanging vocals, which acts as an example of the appeal of this type of work. I can appreciate the efforts of most types of vocals, even those I don’t particularly enjoy hearing, but I must say I am glad to hear that Lethian Dreams haven’t included typically operatic vocals. The performance of Carline Van Roos is a noteworthy positive. Not only does she sing on the record, entitled ‘Requiem For My Soul, Eternal Rest For My Heart’, but she also puts in a performance on bass, guitar, keyboards and even programming. This multi-talented musician is a true asset to Lethian Dreams and one they must keep hold of, at any cost, in the future. Her presence is felt throughout the record and transforms ‘Requiem For My Soul, Eternal Rest For My Heart’ from an average outing, to a particularly good outing. An important factor, which may be overlooked, that makes this record an above average record is the production. Although it’s not entirely unique, it’s bleak soul which surrounds the soundscapes like dense, thick fog is perfect.

Although the male vocals, performed primarily by Carlos D'Agua, are the main focus of the vocal exploits, the clean and emotionally stunning female vocals, which are also clean, are the best addition of this record, in terms of vocals. Carlos D'Agua and Matthieu Sachs, who performs additional duties on vocals, are both talented and adept to adhering to the atmospheric doom metal scene, Carline Van Roos sets in stone her vocal performance as one of the better female performances on a metal record. Her voice, although unique, doesn’t try to outdo itself. She performs within her abilities and justifiably earns a credible mention for creating much of the agonizing beauty that is the atmospheric nature of ‘Requiem For My Soul, Eternal Rest For My Heart’. There are occasions, particularly on ‘In Seclusion’, when Lethian Dreams sound like the olden day Anathema, when they performed within the doom metal scene. The textures and tones of the guitars, most notably, remind me of Anathema. Even the clean male vocals remind me of the clean vocals employed on the old Anathema records. The way in which the creatively slow churning riffs can exchange one emotion for another from one second to another is brilliant. The varied soundscapes, which tap in to beauty, pain and sorrow are authentic and according to the lyrical themes, the instrumentation is perfectly suited to the lyrics, which aren’t available. Although it has an overly obvious repetitious nature, a rather clichéd male vs. female vocal dual and traditional values, this effort is breath taking in a subtle way.

Album: Requiem for My Soul, Eternal Rest for My Heart [demo], review

The bands country origin: France

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