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» » » Lethian Dreams : Bleak Silver Streams [2009]

Lethian Dreams : Bleak Silver Streams [2009] : Metal albums reviews

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Lethian Dreams : Bleak Silver Streams [2009], brief review

Lethian Dreams :  Bleak Silver Streams [2009]

Band name: Lethian Dreams

Doom metal genre made its popularity through good atmosphere and making bad mood looks good became its trademark. For all those human beings that like this bad mood, Lethian Dreams may offer something of interest. I have discovered this band by searching for some good melodic doom/death, something that would resemble Saturnus and Officium Triste, and for the time being I am satisfied with this band although it is very different from the two mentioned bands. On the good side, they sound very original. Its all about the atmosphere - sad, gloomy, desperate sounds fill the room with the first tones of the Bleak Silver Streams. You can feel what the word depressed means. Melodies have only one purpose - to express deep inner pains and struggles which just wont come out. For all those people that like that sort of music, this is a real thing. If you don't like melodic doom and good atmosphere metal and expect strong heavy sound, don't bother to even try.

Vocals are what makes this album going. Sad female voice of Carline van Roos is dominant and makes stronger impact than growling male vocal (which is by the way also good). Combined female singing, death growls and recitals make them a typical atmospheric doom metal band; originality comes with the way they do that. Guitars are slow, heavy and several guitar solos show that guitarist really know what they are doing. Drums are on the other hand uninteresting and I think that if they were missed on this album that no one would notice that. However the overall impact is good, the intended atmosphere is created and listeners can participate in the inner struggles of the band.

Now, the bad part. Despite the good, I would dare say minimalistic melody, this album remains in a way monotonous. If you are not into doom moods, this may prove irritating. Song 'For a Brighter Death' stands out as a little different than others, but even with that song I say 'little'. It is a shame that after all that good effort their songs resemble each other that much. From 'Elusive' to 'For a Brighter Death' you have a feeling that you are listening for the same song. Changes come (yes there are variations in their songs), but they are as much part of the songs itself than of the album. This is why I don't regard them as 'one of the best' of the genre.

Nevertheless, for all lovers of the atmospheric doom genre I would recommend this album as something that definitely have to be heard. Bleak Silver Steams has its catch.

Album: Bleak Silver Streams, review

The bands country origin: France

Metal albums reviews

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