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Azaghal : Teraphim : Metal albums reviews

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Azaghal : Teraphim, brief review

Azaghal : Teraphim

Band name: Azaghal

Azaghal have a formula, and while it changes some on this album, much is the same. Like "Omega" the riff heavy songs are placed in the forefront. "Terephim" is absolutley sick blackened thrash on tracks 1 through 3. This band can most definitly write a riff. Whoever writes the songs not only has a good sense of songwriting, but also a sick sense of when to put the "Oh fuck i have to pull these metal horns out while driving through a school zone" riff in the middle of things to spice up life. While there is lots of blazing metal, I focus on the mid-paced riffage. Like most people, I demand a hook in my song, at least one people. The majority of these songs have one. My favorite is track 3 "The Philosopher". The song starts off with a sick slow groove, then incorporates a marginally intricate arpeggio before returning to the riff with some sick bm vocals. While everything blasts and there is even some melody (both vocals and a very impressive lead line), in the song, it all remains very brutal. Later in the album (track 9) this is accentuated by a total thrasher. The guitarist can definitly write a riff.

I think the best explaination is that I am a Technical and Brutal Death Metal (and grind) fan who happens to like raw black metal on top of that. These songs are brutal and thrashy, that is for sure. While the slower riffage does continue throught the album (track 7 "Uhrattu" has a sick slow riff) the majority of the album begins to incorporate melodic death metal and the black metal you know and love. The "call of the dark" further expands on this with a very dark riffing reminisicent of Dissection. By the end of this song you are hooked on the speed picking brilliance that leads up to a melodic and interesting conclusion.

If you are a fan of the new school of BM that some people are serving these days (Watain, Deathspell Omega, Antaeus, etc) This band is for you. I like this band not because they can blast like the best (wich they can). Their hint of melody is good as well. I enjoy the fact that there are some thrash riffs played faster than they should be. I rate this close to the new Immortal album, the riffs make it all good.

Album: Teraphim, review

The bands country origin: Finland

Metal albums reviews

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