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Azaghal : Omega : Metal albums reviews

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Azaghal : Omega, brief review

Azaghal :  Omega

Band name: Azaghal

Azaghal’s black terror metal has been lurking with malicious intent around the lakes of Finland for nearly a decade now, and Omega, the band’s seventh full length which claims to distil the essence that has made Azaghal underground legends for so long, into an album ready for a larger scale exposure, is now upon us.

Immediately the waves of black filth come like a shitstorm in first track “Taman Maailman Prinssi” whose guitars well up and twirl like a rising of bile in your oesophagus. There is great use of echo in “Pirun Verta” to make a stabbing impact in the beginning verse of the song, and the third song “Quetzalcoatl” lowers the tempo nicely with a monstrous mighty riff, a real headbanger.

The more emotional and reflective riffs maybe a result of Watain and Deathspell Omega’s recent work. There are even distant echoes of Storm of the Light’s Bane. If you listen hard enough however many more influences become apparent including Immortal and Mayhem. This is not to say Omega is a jigsaw puzzle put together with other band’s pieces, on the contrary. Omega has the magic combination of some interesting ideas and songs fused with a furious and intense sound. Azaghal also use clean vocals at the end of some songs, as part of an exciting climax and you might think instantly that this will sound like Anaal Nathrakh or Emperor, but there is a more primeval and archaic feel to the vocals utilized.

As the press release states, these songs really are uncannily memorable. Maybe it is the sheer simplicity in structure of the songs on Omega, but it suffers from a hint of accessibility that you don’t want on your black metal records.

This will not deter most, maybe a few die-hards who like it more true than standing with a wolf on top of an icy mountain in Norway at night in the winter and the wolf is howling in Norwegian about disembowelling Christ and burning churches (phew) might think this is headed in a commercial direction. Others will see this is still a black metal record and a damn good one at that.

Album: Omega, review

The bands country origin: Finland

Metal albums reviews

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