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Azaghal : Codex Antitheus : Metal albums reviews

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Azaghal : Codex Antitheus, brief review

Azaghal : Codex Antitheus

Band name: Azaghal

Just to start: the BEST album of Azaghal. Two reasons for that, the first is the clean vocals are very well used! It’s just amazing! On the opening song, Agios O Baphomet the choir singing “Agioooooooooos O Baphomet, Agioooooooooos O Sathanas” is something great! And the other reason is the very good and complex guitar solos! Just incredible, sometimes they appear to be very short, but they still remain great!

Yes, the guitar work is a highlight on this release, well done, very fast and heavy, inputting creative riffs and awesome solos. Always making what the Black Metal should sounds like. A good variation of riffs is present this time (even though this is a Black Metal band) and the like said before guitar solos for sure have stolen the scene here, great, tremendous wonderful solos! All of them are very complex and interesting.

The scream and the guttural vocals are quite ok, nothing really outstanding, but apply the album to a high level category. When there is the double apparition of vocal work it sounds better, like in the homonymous album title track Codex Antitheus, logically and well done clean (once double) vocals, a great song, almost an anthem!

The new drummer did a good job, no computer programmed drums anymore! The tempo changes are well executed and the black metal terror is complete with the aggressive play of drums succeeded by the companion of the bass. Them both are well mixed up and could now express all the blast parts of harsh sound of the band. This fast and harsh pace makes the album very interesting. The only negative point is the short duration of some solos, and the awful song called “Kunigas Saatana”, extremely boring, outfitted from the complex of the album.

For that all, there is no subterfuge to say this is the best Azaghal’s album. The best tracks are for sure Agios O Baphomet, Codex Antitheus and Raatosielu, with a catchy chorus that repeats several times: Raaaaaaatosielu! A great album for sure!

Album: Codex Antitheus, review

The bands country origin: Finland

Metal albums reviews

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