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Depressed Mode : ..for Death.. : Metal albums reviews

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Depressed Mode : ..for Death.., brief review

Depressed Mode : ..for Death..

Band name: Depressed Mode

I couldn’t possibly review this album without at least giving a quick mention to the band name. Seriously, gotta love it! Despite the lugubrious nature, you have to assume a certain sense of humour is at work here, although as far as the music goes, it’s clear these guys aren’t joking around. Equally, if you are expecting this to suck out every last drop of serotonin from your brain then you are going to be sorely disappointed.

Depressed Mode (I really am trying to take this name seriously, honest) have previously escaped my radar, although I can tell you that, having listened to a couple of old tracks, this is quite unlike the funeral doom of Ghosts of Devotion. With this album, I can only state that they have surely come into their own good and proper and are all the more appealing for it. The album gets off to a pounding start with ‘Death Multiplies’ which takes an instant right hook to the skull grinding out some Entombed-esque guitars and breaking loose with a sudden clatter of drums, which certainly isn’t what the album is all about, and soon we are bowled over with a sweeping blanket of warm synths that play off against the crushing torrent of death.

Vocals are deep and sonorous, with a velvety tone that reminds of Mourning Beloveth, and these become entwined with the stunning female vocals which sound especially captivating on ‘She’s Frozen’ as the soprano melts against the maudlin piano melody that breaks up the heavy barrage. There is something about this track that simply has me stunned; it’s theatrical symphonic display ranges from intense bouts of fury, to gothic displays of beauty which all seems to be hidden beneath a mystical mantle of crepuscular twilight.

‘The Scent’ starts off with a much more funereal tone, as fuzz-laden guitars drag along at a dirge-like pace as the keys add a dreamy classical flavour. The jagged violins permeate a number of the tracks here drawing the listener in to horror-esque soundscapes; the way the symphonic elements mix with the deathly core of instruments really has me thinking of Septic Flesh. It’s truly grandiloquent in scope and has the kind of dark erudition that could make this a contender for my top albums of the year. Fantastic!

Album: ..for Death.., review

The bands country origin: Finland

Metal albums reviews

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