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Dynfari : Vegferð tímans : Metal albums reviews

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Dynfari : Vegferð tímans, brief review

Dynfari :  Vegferð tímans

Band name: Dynfari

With five years of career, the Icelandic metallers Dynfari are releasing the beautiful third full-length “Vegferð Tímans” – that means ‘journey of time’ – via Code666 Records. Dynfari are not a band that makes us suddenly discern what they play… If the first track, “Ljósið” (working as an intro), wanders between rock-oriented compact riffs and dissonant loose notes, the second one, “Óreiða”, takes us into a more depressive and melancholic atmospheric metal that starts to be slow, but then bursts into a repressive and sad fury worthy of the most modern black metal.

There are also incursions concerning the post-metal scene – with black metal as its base – in which are applied semi-acoustic passages contrasting the heavier, yet sometimes slower, soundscapes. In addition, the Icelandic language gives great emphasis to this whole musical process – even if it’s melodious, coldness is felt. On the other hand, there are the ritualistic and traditional intonations delivered by the vocals in “Hafsjór”. It’s a track that shows a nice and transparent evolution that goes from the obscurer post-metal to celestial soundscapes reminding of Alcest during the “Les Voyages de l’Âme” phase. Dynfari’s sound capacity is also able to create high and gelid landscapes in our minds like in “Vegferð I – Ab Terra”, a track that even reaches glimpses of funeral doom metal.

In spite of the melody that can be heard, I don’t really point this record as an entirely melodic one if you are used to the atmospheric metal in that sound wave. This new album is clearly apocalyptic with some scratches of distorted harmony that’s offered by the strong guitars. Having in count what I’ve previously mentioned about the second song, we have to wait until the last track, “Vegferð III – Myrkrið”, to witness once again an avalanche of sounds that enlighten us and that’s worthy of comparison with bands that have brought up the atmospheric (black) metal in a more depressive and/or nostalgic vein with ancestral and spiritual details.

Album: Vegferð tímans, review

The bands country origin: Iceland

Metal albums reviews

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