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Fear of Eternity : Light of the Night : Metal albums reviews

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Fear of Eternity : Light of the Night, brief review

Fear of Eternity :  Light of the Night

Band name: Fear of Eternity

First things first: The opener I Walk Alone starts with a heavy usage of synthesizer sounds, which clearly states that they will keep the upper hand on the record, as melodies and most of the ambient sounds are filled with those sounds. The guitars, when they actually could be noticed, are playing the second fiddle and are just playing some rhythm riffs. The vocals are growled quite low and are combined with some effects as reverb and are therefore contrasting the high-pitched melodies.

The second song seems to start after a short break, as you can hear guitars playing a little melody, but you will soon notice a strangely familiar synthesizer melody. You could start to wonder what happened as you will realize that this is the same melody that was used in the first song, with the same orchestration and the same sound of the vocals. Reading the songtitle will provide the information, that you actually were right, but the typical problem of the one-man-band is attached to this record: Everything seems quite similiar. There are some minor changes from song to song, but nothing you will really notice.

Although this sounds quite back, I have to mention that this could well be a conceptual decission and the similiarity is therefore intentional. In addition to that, I have to say that the songs are nevertheless quite entertaining and they seem quite monolithic. You will have to decide on your own if a certain similiarity between songs is good or bad.

The structures of the songs are akin what enhances the feeling of similiarity though. They are very fluent and therefore really catchy but there is a lack of specials. The production is clear and the drums sound okay although they are programmed. The only flaw according the production are the vocals, as the many effects are somewhat disturbing from time to time.


Light of the Night is an audible record, as long as you can stand the fact that the guitars are quite unimportant and the sound is dominated of synthesizer sounds. You could say, that the listening pleasure is dulled as there is a strong similiarity in the melodies from track to track, although every song seems to be indepentend somehow. You should take a look on the myspace page if you are interessted and listen to some songs.

Album: Light of the Night, review

The bands country origin: Italy

Metal albums reviews

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