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Fear of Eternity : Spirit of Sorrow : Metal albums reviews

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Fear of Eternity : Spirit of Sorrow, brief review

Fear of Eternity :  Spirit of Sorrow

Band name: Fear of Eternity

“Spirit of Sorrow” is the second Fear of Eternity album re-released through Moribund Records. The one-man, black metal group from Italy continues on the path of sorrow-laced ambience presented on “Toward the Castle.” The band’s identity has not changed; however, the production has knocked off the cryptic cobwebs of its predecessor. With a cleaner production, the keyboard passages create lush soundscapes, allowing the listener to further fall into “singers” fantastic, sonic realms.

Andrea Tilenni uses keyboards as the foundation for his music. The keyboards create the rhythm, tone, and pace, with the guitar being use primarily as a backdrop. “Atrocious Pain” is an example of Tilenni's effective use of keyboards to change the mood of each song. This track’s structure displays a common motif found throughout the album. It begins with happy synth and piano, similar to the soundtrack music on late ‘70s and early ‘80s After School Specials and PBS shows. This bright, hopeful tone is only a disguise to lull the listener into a false sense of happiness until Tilenni breaks down the bouncing beat to a nightmarish crawl.

It is easy to note Tilenni's affinity for soundtrack music, especially horror movies. The first track, “Staring at the Dark” begins with funeral, organ notes, which instantly recall the horror film classic “Phantasm.” Fear of Eternity’s bizarre ambiance is often compared to horror film score producers, Goblin. The creepiness contained in each song and the instruments he chooses make this comparison obvious.

Tilenni took a step further in the right direction by cleaning up his sound, but the vocals should have stayed the same. His vocals on “Toward the Castle” were much stronger by using a staggering, vocal echo. “Spirit of Sorrow” features gurgling, Merman-like vocals. Also, he should make the guitar stand out more. With the mournful themes he presented here, using his guitar for some doomier moments might just be the element needed to create the ultimate ode to gloom. Melancholiacs fear not, though, “Spirit of Sorrow” has enough sadness to keep you in despair’s grip for weeks!

Album: Spirit of Sorrow, review

The bands country origin: Italy

Metal albums reviews

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