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Vanhelga : Höst : Metal albums reviews

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Vanhelga : Höst, brief review

Vanhelga : Höst

Band name: Vanhelga

This album is really the tale of two bands.

The first incarnation of Vanhelga plays a fairly laid back style of black metal that’s decent, if not overly memorable. They throw in some nice vocal harmonies as well as a few faster tremolo sections, but for the most part their approach consists of mid-paced chugging guitars with slightly fuzzy production. There are some rather strange touches like spoken word sections, samples and the like, but nothing too distracting. It’s not bad, but again not overly memorable. They were apparently allocated the first five tracks of Höst, with the sixth track serving as a sort of interlude or transition.

The second band is basically Lifelover. It’s not a cheap imitation of Lifelover either, it sounds exactly like them. It’s weird because 1853, who is credited with the lyrics, was actually one of the vocalists in Lifelover, but nothing in his apparent musical resume indicates that he would be able to duplicate Lifelover’s sound so thoroughly (unless other member 145188 is incredibly talented, or maybe Lifelover’s sound just isn’t that hard to replicate). And yet, it’s all there: simple rhythmic guitar parts, nonchalant spoken sections, manic vocal wailings, the fuzzy guitar tone, and odd samples. It’s impossible not to think of Lifelover when listening to it.

Honestly it’s pretty cool that these guys were able to resurrect some of that depressive-yet-comforting feel that pervades the Lifelover albums, but at the same time it’s incredibly weird to hear it coming from another band. Actually the other former Lifelover members have started a new project called Kall, and I would have expected this sort of thing from them, but Vanhelga has apparently beaten them to the punch.

Anyway, that’s Höst in a nutshell. If you’ve been hurting for more Lifelover this should definitely hit the spot, and honestly the rest of the album isn’t bad either. As a whole it’s a pretty decent release of mid-paced, depressive music, and it should be really interesting to see how this project evolves.

Album: Höst, review

The bands country origin: Sweden

Metal albums reviews

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