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Immortal Souls : Ice upon the Night : Metal albums reviews

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Immortal Souls : Ice upon the Night, brief review

Immortal Souls :  Ice upon the Night

Band name: Immortal Souls

This is extremely heavy / power oriented melodic death. The vocals may be mutilated, raspy growls, but the music is uplifting and the leads are some of the best I’ve heard in the genre. With “best” we’re not talking the most intricately crafted or technical, but damn catchy and thoughtful enough to continue onward. Some songs don’t have them (“Painbearer”), and some do (“Welcome To North”) – all of the are positive with an uplifting message (these guys really like Christ), even if its just about how cool winter is cool. With this positive and chilly atmosphere, the music itself is actually, in itself, pretty laid back and cool. It’s not slow laid back, but like “chill out and here this awesome lead” kind of laid back.

Production = spotless. Very clear but not definitively polished like most modern music. Since there isn’t any lapse in the sound quality, the band can focus on charging with everything they got. Thus, the songs all sound like their in a rush – not rushed, but in a rush – like they’re soaring. Their next album, Wintereich, really dropped the bomb on this Maiden-ized sound, but here its untainted and borrows heavily from numerous other power metal bands: harmonies up the ass.

The focus is ripe and the band clearly has a few leads to impress the listener. With such cold sounding music runs a risk of thinness, but here it isn’t an issue. Bass allows for the gaps to be filled (presenting quite a grumble) while the rhythm does a good enough job at finding a pace and drilling at it. In this way the music sounds mildly aggressive for melodic death while still being able to capitalize with their power metal tendencies – something a band like Children Of Bodom really forgot how to do. Aside from the aforementioned screamish growls, there’s a clean singing guest vocalist for the songs “You” and “Man Of Sorrow.” Personally, I find them very shallow and lifeless; they don’t really have any character to them and would fit more in an adult contemporary outfit. Let the leads (particularly in the latter track) carry the song rather than stooping down to some dull singer.

This album is easily my favorite by the band, but like many in my library, they’re beginning to show their lasting value. My library is getting larger, but every winter the snow keeps falling, burying this band back into the forest from which I discovered them. Back then I lent an ear, but now my ear moves on. Immortal Souls, I was glad to have you along for the show…

Album: Ice upon the Night, review

The bands country origin: Finland

Metal albums reviews

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