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Immortal Souls : Under the Northern Sky : Metal albums reviews

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Immortal Souls : Under the Northern Sky, brief review

Immortal Souls : Under the Northern Sky

Band name: Immortal Souls

I was impressed right from the beginning of the first track. The technical prowess is amazing. (True some bands are even more technically proficient, but these guys definitely know their stuff). But even more, the sense of aesthetic beauty and melody amidst the brutality is fantastic. It is one of the reasons I love this album: the combination of ability, aggression, beauty, and dynamic make it memorable and enjoyable.

Track after track, the album continues to shine with fast melodic thrash (like "Dark Night Beneath The Northern Sky," and "Frostmind"), slow and mournful lament (like "Painthings"), and variations in between, and through it all, it retains its cohesion. Full of emotion, it carries you along with it.

I have listened to this album for several years, and the melodies from it easily stay in my head even when I haven't listened to it for months. That speaks to this band's ability to craft a song.

Many would speak against the band and against this album, simply because they are Christians, and this album does have Christian themes. I would counter that the lyrics fit perfectly well with the kind of music they play. After all, who has a legitimate right to play beautiful and aggressive music more than the one who believes God created beauty, and also believes that God will aggressively punish the evil one and his servants? In a very real sense, a christian playing this kind of music makes much more sense than some pagan full of empty boast.

Album: Under the Northern Sky, review

The bands country origin: Finland

Metal albums reviews

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