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» » » Clandestine Blaze : Night of the Unholy Flames

Clandestine Blaze : Night of the Unholy Flames : Metal albums reviews

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Clandestine Blaze : Night of the Unholy Flames, brief review

Clandestine Blaze : Night of the Unholy Flames

Band name: Clandestine Blaze

"Night of the Unholy Flames" is the second full-length from Clandestine Blaze, who stand as one of the elite not only in the finnish Black Metal scene, but worldwide...

This release manages to take the concept that began on "Fire Burns In Our Hearts" and perfect it. Everything here has improved by leaps and bounds. The production is far better, while still being raw as hell. The guitar sound is fucking perfect, and very sharp. The vocals are not as high-pitched as you may expect from this music, but it fits very nicely. This is the legacy of Darkthrone, Burzum and Hellhammer without simple weak imitation. The foundation of influences is there, but Mikko takes it one step further. He is not content to just imitate those who came before. He takes that basic framework and builds upon it something special...

Clandestine Blaze manage to maintain a dark, and often mournful, atmosphere throughout the album. The tempo varies between fast, midpaced and slow. The melodies stick with you and even haunt for several nights!

Standout songs include: Chambers and Night of the Unholy Flames. These possess some of the best Black Metal melodies I have ever heard, in the vein of "Transilvanian Hunger" but done in a different way...

This is raw, cold Black Metal done to perfection. If you are tired of the "progression" of the Norwegian bands, or sick of the endless stream of Darkclones, this is highly recommended. As I alluded to earlier, this is for fans of Darkthrone, Burzum and Hellhammer. Do not be mistaken; it is not a copy of either of these, but if you like those then this will appeal to you. This is raw, cold, oldschool Black Metal...

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Album: Night of the Unholy Flames, review

The bands country origin: Finland

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