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Vivus Humare : Einkehr : Metal albums reviews

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Vivus Humare : Einkehr, brief review

Vivus Humare : Einkehr

Band name: Vivus Humare

Founded in 2007, but only with the demo “Prolog” (2008) in their discography, the German black metallers Vivus Humare are starting 2015 with the debut “Einkehr” which is released at the end of January by the also German label Eisenwald.

In spite of the record’s fast and cold beginning, the band’s creativity evolves and supporting a full-bodied guitar we have some loose and echoed notes delivered by another guitar. And when black metal is not only fastness, we have calmed and gelid moments offered by a whispering voice. In this first track “Der Schmerz weckt” there is a long, repetitive and somehow hypnotic guitar riff that creates an atmospheric sound and in the song’s final phase the band also pleases us with a melodic passage.

Thought it’s not an abrupt change, Vivus Humare start to be some sort of chameleon since in “Auf morgendlichen Pfaden” they lead us into a depressive black metal soundscape due to the melancholic riffs and due to the painful vocals that weren’t heard like this before in the album. However, this more depressive approach is so modern that sometimes it’s mixed with a post-black metal sound due to the lead guitar with a pinch of echoes that, once again, creates an unexpected atmosphere. Slowly, the track gets back to the more orthodox black metal genesis that kicked off the album.

In spite of all the good work done around drums, it’s only in the last track “Traum” that Skadilvari expels all his fury through fastness and precision. Like they accustomed us during the record, the structures wander between harsh passages and melodic moments, yet more sporadic in this final phase. The bass also appears with more preponderancy in a somehow ritualistic instant in which Beliar sings a sort of speech followed by a last breath of musical melody.

Let’s hope that this long-awaited debut marks a new cycle in Vivus Humare career and hope that they can provide more great black metal in the years yet to come. “Einkehr” is suitable for those who like cold, meaningful and well-done black metal. Nevertheless, and still praising this album, I’ve got the feeling that they can do way better in the future.

Album: Einkehr, review

The bands country origin: Germany

Metal albums reviews

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