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Shining > VII: Född förlorare : Metal albums reviews

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Shining > VII: Född förlorare, brief review

Shining > VII: Född förlorare

Band name: Shining

Finally, after more than a goddamned year of waiting I finally get to hear Shining’s seventh album… “VII: Född Förlorare”! Yes! And you even thought that “Blackjazz” is their seventh album, huh? Very hilarious every time I think about it, actually. You, thinking that they have a new logo, new sound, new lyrical themes, new look… ha ha ha! Ignorance ain’t much bliss after all, huh? Well, before my thoughts get lost through all that reminiscence, well, I presume you know these guys already, unless you’ve been living in a faraway cave for more than ten years already. Unlike former albums, “VII: Född Förlorare” is more like an FF XIII-2 (or FF X-2, if you think FF XIII sucked, which I do not have opinions about it yet) than an FF XIV, in a sense that it continues where “VI: Klagopsalmer” left off, which “Förtvivlan, Min Arvedel” is about. More aggressive and less depressive.

To make this goddamned review short this could be considered more as a “win” unlike movies with part-twos that fail miserably, but I’m here to elaborate on the reasons why I think this album is a worthy snag, not to slack off and play my PSP for 48 hours until I die of exhaustion. Född Förlorare also features the wonderful (err, I mean disturbing) elements featured on Klagopsalmer such as an excellent performance by the band (from the vocals to the riffs and drums), an excellent (I meant disturbing again) atmosphere numerous times in the album, and a clean production, and I won’t elaborate on further because I’m too lazy.

“Come on La:morT, stop sitting around and type more!” Next!

Well, another thing here is that I’ve noticed they’ve used the acoustic guitar and clean singing extensively. Let me spell that for you, E-X-T-E-N-S-I-V-E-L-Y. Well, all songs feature both of them, especially the clean singing at the fifth track, “I Nattens Timma”, which features singing only from 00:24 to 03:32. Although not an instrumental track (a first time for the band since “II: Livets Ändhållplats”), I think that it serves its purpose, being “the calm before the storm”, (with added instruments such as piano, mellotron and additional vocals by Peter Bjärgö) the storm being “FFF”, which is more like a wolf in sheep’s clothing than anything else. The intro might deceive you, but it is never(!) a mellow song of any sort. It’s more or less a very good Shining song… only on steroids.

“Talk about something else about the album, La:morT!” Whatever…

Now, what did I really like? Hm… First would be “Tiden Läker Inga Sår”. Well, it sounds more passionate, that’s one point. It also starts as a happy, calm acoustic track from a New Age music CD, that’s another point (very deceptive). But my point here is that, it sounds downright tragic. Kvarforth’s growls brought the song up. It’s as if he’s singing (except for a few parts) with his growls. Plus, it also contains a great performance by Erik Danielsson from Watain, who does his rasps as if he’s singing too.

“Människa O'Avskyvärda Människa” sounds very disturbing, but what the other songs lacked, this one had a lot, and that one thing is… *drum roll please* the solos! The solos, courtesy of Arch Enemy’s Chris Amott, make up a little bit less than one-third of the song, so while listening to the song, you got yourself about two minutes to bang your head to the nearest cement wall and have some blood coming out of your head.

Last but definitely not the least is “Tillsammans Är Vi Allt”, which is much like Shining’s take on extreme gothic metal (read it again, extreme gothic metal), and in all fairness, it’s great, with the clean singing, courtesy of Nordman (don’t ask me who is this guy ‘cause even I don’t know him), on the chorus. Plus, the way they ended the song is a perfect transition for the next track (which I talked about earlier). The opening riff, though, made the song sound a little too disturbing for its own good. Might expect an extreme gothic album from Shining in the near future already. What, you don’t want some? Then screw you.

To close this, which I don’t know how again, what we have here is another great (still suicidal) work by Shining, although it is much like Klagopsalmer though it has less aggression than Klagopsalmer, and consequently, more depression (obviously!). Just forgive them for that since this was supposed to be released more than a year earlier. Well, this album review is considered done, so I'm out of here.

Album: VII: Född förlorare, review

The bands country origin: Sweden

Metal albums reviews

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