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Forgotten Tomb > Springtime Depression : Metal albums reviews

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Forgotten Tomb > Springtime Depression, brief review

Forgotten Tomb > Springtime Depression

Band name: Forgotten Tomb

I've listened the album "Love's Burial Ground", and I was thinking of it as one of my favorite depressive black metal releases, but I guess I was wrong. Springtime Depression is a very great cold release and its not just a normal album. this album is just another excellent shred of fathomless darkness. The members tried to release the depression weight of their minds, but nothing can ever release these tons of pains.

By using both traditional and the black dark doom styles, Forgotten Tomb absorb the listener in a world without compromise. The music is very rich and varied, there is a real work of composition behind this dark sound. Each instrument has its location and sounds like it should sound, which makes the resultant style of Forgotten Tomb unmistakable. The production on this album is greatly improved from the previous, and these influences enable them to create an unhealthy and gloomy style while retaining their own personality. There are some melodies in the music of this album, and the two guitars have never played the same chords at the same time, the distortion was very powerful, which directs all its agreements with the lead guitar sections, and more depressing, with a cleaner and hypnotic sound.

My favorite track was "Springtime Depression", all clean guitar that sounds as if you woke up and discovered that the world has been devastated and turned to ash. This instrumental track also sounds like the announcement of a new world, swept all the traces of the humans, but a glimmering of hope. This piece can also make us recover our painful memories by the icy depths that made us endure Forgotten Tomb. I really enjoy the challenge every now and then, and I enjoy depressivesuicidal black metal accomplished at its most clear extremes, so I recommend this this album for all the melancholic music seekers, this release can hypnotize you to tie a rope around your nick, and let you jump to the depths of your memories.

Album: Springtime Depression, review

The bands country origin: Italy

Metal albums reviews

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