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» » » Drudkh : Борозна обірвалася (A Furrow Cut Short)

Drudkh : Борозна обірвалася (A Furrow Cut Short) : Metal albums reviews

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Drudkh : Борозна обірвалася (A Furrow Cut Short), brief review

Drudkh : Борозна обірвалася (A Furrow Cut Short)

Band name: Drudkh

Do you know who the band Drudkh is? I unsurprisingly doubt it. Ukraine is not a country where heavy metal thrives like in the UK or Scandinavia, and Drudkh is not an outspoken band that draws attention to them. They play no live shows, have no political agenda and support no extreme or violent beliefs. In a country where politics and violence unfortunately sustain, Drudkh have the potential to become underground legends however their public coy has led them to become more of a cult name in the black metal world.

Out of the darkness comes a slaughter of harsh yet pristine howls from Thurios in Part 1 of the album opener Cursed Sons. The change in dynamics throughout the song creates a disorientated mood between the artillery of crashing drums. The second part of Cursed Sons continues with a dancing riff throughout the song yet its more focused and severe. The element of strings creates a breeze of excitement during the stab of guitars. Thurios’ singing throughout A Furrow Cut Short is like polished dirt; clean yet hoarse and sordid sounding; much like the instruments. After a brief deterring interlude the guitar leads into a tornado of inescapable wrath with drummer Krechet going absolutely insane.

Good black metal has a distinct feeling about it that no other genre can touch: there are always the crashing cymbals and daunting screams such as on the shortest track, Embers, yet behind this masquerade is a deeper exploration of genuine sentiment that few bands seem to establish. Drudkh’s connection for the homeland’s folklore is unraveled in To The Epoch Of Unbowed Poets that relates to their respected poetic ancestry. It’s an emotional track that tugs on your black metal heartstrings when touches of violin captivate the flourish of pummeling riffs. Within the reverberating spiral of Roman’s guitars during Till Foreign Ground Shall Cover Eyes, tidal waves of dramatic melody move like tides- slow and empowering. The pulsating bass, rapid drum fire and predatory screams increase the intensity but it’s the assault that the song is delivered by which enhances the passion. On the surface these songs are faced paced and wicked sounding, but rooted beneath is a passionate from a consistent wall of sound where silence is nowhere to be heard.

The 20 minute passing of another two-part song, Dishonour proves to be the stand out declaration of the album. All instruments can clearly be heard through the fine mix and production of A Furrow Cut Short. Because of Vlad’s evident inclusion of bass, Dishonour has a looming mood behind the swirl of guitars within a maelstrom of spite in Part 1. Cataclysmic outbursts of anguish make the sound larger than life and faster than a speeding bullet. Part 2 of Dishonour begins as the slowest track of the album. The evil lumbering riffs and haunting howls lurk in the corners of your mind until the song fully grows into a tyrant of fury. The singing becomes more potent, the drums are being bashed within an inch of their lives and the heartbeat of bass rises into an infectious groove. A Furrow Cut Short is truly malevolent in the making and memorable in the moment.

Album: Борозна обірвалася (A Furrow Cut Short), review

The bands country origin: Ukraine

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