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Ov Hollowness : Diminished : Metal albums reviews

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Ov Hollowness : Diminished, brief review

Ov Hollowness : Diminished

Band name: Ov Hollowness

Ov Hollowness presumably did a lot of things right in the past; this term should not be stretched over excess. They spread the demo version of their demo release as a free download and received some praises for their well-crafted atmospheric black metal art. Only some months after the initial release a more professional debut album has hit the streets and even though the tracks indicate a striking similarity, they do actually differ a bit from each other. The background behind this has been discussed in the interview, so this would be a good source to understand the band’s intentions in changing the art a bit.

Diminished is a somehow misleading title; especially when considering what was presented above. Atmospheric and depressive black metal aspects have been combined for this release and it is up to the former to dominate the music. Well, in some respect, this review is a revisiting of the demo and the impressions have shifted to a more positive one. Those ‘fallacies’ to which was referred to in the 3rd edition of this magazine have faded in impact and especially those two new tracks come with a surprising set of sounds and ideas that were impossible to anticipate back then. It might be possible to state that the music has grown in impression. References to Vintersorg – the clean vocals – (Enshrouded in Obscurity) as well as an intro (Cursed to Die Again and Forever) whose arrangements give hints on Elysian Blaze are merely two examples for the variety of influences and sounds on this release. From rock over metal to dark ambient the listener is guided through a fascinating complexity of sounds and influences and even though Ov Hollowness is ‘quite a young band’ – see the interview for more explanation on the matter – a certain maturity and as well as red line can discovered throughout the release. Be it the shifts in the tempo, the variation in the song-writing or the use of atmospheric keyboard elements, the band attempts to keep the listener interested in the art without sounding too pathetically depressive or too overloaded and bombastic. Rest in Chaos might be the most accessible track on this recording; due to the orientation on catchiness as well as the amount of drive that it possesses. The contrast to it might be Enshrouded in Obscurity and this would be one of the new ones; the reasons here are equally obvious: the clean vocals and the haunting atmospheric parts really grab the attention of the listener.

Ov Hollowness did something a lot of young bands do not dare to do: spread their first release for free and see what it will lead to. The focus of getting something in return immediately, seems to be stuck in the heads of the musicians and so the business model of the last century is attempted to be perpetuated in the modern Internet age as well. The irony to see the exact same person complain about the aspect of downloads in times of massive inflation of music outputs gives it a further nice touch. Ah … anyway, the Canadian band Ov Hollowness should be ‘awarded’ for their attempt to reach the audience in a modern way, which broke out of the overdone fashion. Whether the same will be said of future releases waits to be seen. It would be illusory to demand that every band should spread their music via a netlabel or the Creative Commons, but the idea to embrace the modern communication technologies is something that adds a nice touch to the progression of the band. Yes, it is a bit too much of praises here, but the emphasis is appropriate, because the overdone mantra of the adverse effects of the Internet and how it is supposedly ruining the cultural environment, makes many people feel sickish about the whole thing. Times are changing and to cling desperately on a failed system will only lead to a catastrophe.

The CD comes professionally printed with a coloured booklet, which has the lyrics in them.

Album: Diminished, review

The bands country origin: Canada

Metal albums reviews

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