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Astray : Biographies of metal bands

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Astray, biography


Band name: Astray

Astray Is A New Depressive Black Metal Band, Formed In May 2014 by Veirg (Suicide Emotions), Azghâl (Agoraphobia/ Locus Animæ) and Void (Frostagrath/Hateful Desolation/ Hecate). Here's A Song Of The First Album With Tim Yatras As Special Guest On Vocals. Check Them Out!!!

The bands country origin: International

Biographies of metal bands

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Dionisyan : Biographies of metal bands

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Dionisyan, biography


Band name: Dionisyan

Musical project by TREGOR RUSSO (Composer,Arranger,Multi Instrumentalist,Lyricist).With DIONISYAN he proposes an avantgarde Symphonic Doom/Prog Death Metal In the Spring of 2010, TREGOR RUSSO (Leper Divine, Sortilegium, Eriaminell, Gates Of Eden and more ... it decides to give life to a new musical project, with the intent to create Music and Lyrics from the deep feelings, pathos, dark emotions and amalgamate melancholy atmospheres in complexes gloomy arrangements. So DIONISYAN are born, of which himself is the Guitarist, Composer, Arranger and Lyricist. The new musical project of Tregor

The bands country origin: Italy

Biographies of metal bands

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Maleficentia : Biographies of metal bands

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Maleficentia, biography


Band name: Maleficentia

MALEFICENTIA was born in June 1998 with Aragoth from MAUSOLEUM who wished to add keyboards in his music. He was shortly joined by Molkhor from GARWALL (Drums), Camazoth (Guitars), Nergal (Bass Guitar) and Lolth (Keyboard). Finally, Balrog from GENITAL GRINDER adds his vocals to the band. In October 1999, MALEFICENTIA starts his first record in the Awake studio. Born of Steel and Fire, cames out in spring of the year 2000 with the help of Everlasting Association. Some gigs after, the band's line-up has changed in October 2000 with Lolth, Camazoth, Nergal and Balrog's leaving In November 2000,

The bands country origin: France

Biographies of metal bands

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Caelestia : Biographies of metal bands

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Caelestia, biography


Band name: Caelestia

“Caelestia” (ex Me and Myself) is a Greek metal band, initially formed in April 2012 by singer/songwriter Dimitra Vintsou and bassist/composer Nikos Palivos. The rest initial members of the group included Harris Kiriakopoulos – Guitars, Panos Varvaropoulos – Guitars and Aggelos Kousakis – Drums. The first full demo recording started at once, which included the final nine songs, and subsequently proceeded with the recording of the band’s first studio album, named “Last Wish”. The album contained two particular songs, “Last Wish” and “I Wonder How Far”, in which two well-known artists of the

The bands country origin: Greece

Biographies of metal bands

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Infinitus Mortus : Biographies of metal bands

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Infinitus Mortus, biography

Infinitus Mortus

Band name: Infinitus Mortus

We are a Symphonic Metal band from USA- NJ. INFINITUS MORTUS!! You can find us on itunes, youtube, google play, amazon, rhapsody, ETC... In summer of 2014 Infinitus Mortus teamed up with Destini Beard to bring you the single (Transcendence Of Souls) which was released to the public DEC. 8, 2014. Currently at the moment they are working on releasing another single. Expected release early 2015. Hailing from New Jersey, Infinitus Mortus breaks away from mainstream music, and delves into the darker, Classically composed Symphonic Metal made popular by European bands such as Epica, Nightwish and

The bands country origin: United States

Biographies of metal bands

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Indecadence : Biographies of metal bands

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Indecadence, biography


Band name: Indecadence

indecadence was formed in 2003, playing doom/death from the begining. The actual line-up was formed in 2007, with Miguel on vocals, Manuel and Dario on guitars, Alberto plays the bass, Ernesto the keyboards, Bruno the samples, and Jabi on the drums. Miguel was the vocalist of a death metal band called CONGREGATION, Manuel played trashmetal with ULTRANZA and Jabi is the drummer of ARS NOVA (ex MAZO). On summer 2005 we recorded our first EP with 5 songs, self-produced in our own "home-studio" and it was released on march 2006, with our seal too, Novembrine Records (Ernesto), created to release

The bands country origin: Spain

Biographies of metal bands

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Mourning Mist : Biographies of metal bands

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Mourning Mist, biography

Mourning Mist

Band name: Mourning Mist

Mourning Mist was conceived in 2013 by a trio from Perugia; Ecnerual, Chris and Mid. Early in 2014, bass guitarist Kvasir joined the project. The aim of the band is to grow in the metal scene and to grab the attention of all who yearn to share in their mysterious qualities. The band members’ determination is to create music that characterizes the Umbrian lands from a “dark” and unconventional viewpoint. Hence their resolve to continue working on new material, for future release, which will develop an expression of the introspection of those who view life through alternative eyes. Despite

The bands country origin: Italy

Biographies of metal bands

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Embersland : Biographies of metal bands

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Embersland, biography


Band name: Embersland

Embersland is a music band from Barcelona. Born in 2009, when drummer Damián joins to Xavi, Will, Jimmy and Luana. After a short period of adaptation, they decide to record their first album, 'Sunrise', they choose the most representative songs and begin to arrange them. While they arranging the instrumental parts of the album the band decide to have two lead singers, Will and Xavi. Then, Victor joins the band and becomes new bassist replacing Will. They focus their efforts on the recordings, a few months later, they finish the recordings and these are given to Carlos Torregrosa to mix in

The bands country origin: Spain

Biographies of metal bands

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Damnation Defaced : Biographies of metal bands

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Damnation Defaced, biography

Damnation Defaced

Band name: Damnation Defaced

Damnation Defaced is: Philipp Bischoff – vocals Lutz Gudehus – guitars Lucas Katzmann – drums Lutz Neemann – guitars Kim-Patrick Friedrichs – bass DAMNATION DEFACED: Matchless Death Metal – matching music | no more, no less! 2015 will start with an explosion! Damnation Defaced will be releasing their long-awaited second LP “The Infernal Tremor” after their debut “Beyond the Pale” in 2010. The new album excels with its catchiness and focuses on the essentials: epic tunes with the potential of getting stuck in your head for a longer time and shaking you to the core with brute but groovy

The bands country origin: Germany

Biographies of metal bands

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Lachrima Corphus Dissolvens : Biographies of metal bands

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Lachrima Corphus Dissolvens, biography

Lachrima Corphus Dissolvens

Band name: Lachrima Corphus Dissolvens

Lachrima Corphus Dissolvens is formed by Antonio Ortiz (currently in Bands Amduscias, Vigoorian, Alienation Bizzarre and Satyricornium Dream) in early 2003, following the course of the years LCD Stylish "Acoustic Progressive Doom" shares the stage with local bands in your city and 2007 are invited to the city of Potosi for a festival and sharing the stage with bands of their country and the country Argentina, and lack of seriousness of the other musicians leave the band so just being Beyson Q. (Ex Nometh) (Lead Guitar), Jhoel Vempyrioth (Keyboards) (currently in Amduscias) and Antonio Ortiz

The bands country origin: Bolivia

Biographies of metal bands

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