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Disharmonic : Biographies of metal bands

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Disharmonic, biography


Band name: Disharmonic

The Disharmonic’s band born in 1998 in Pordenone in the Italian’s north-east . We were founded by their drummer and guitarist Sir Lord Daniel Omungus . Robert Baal. The intention was to bring something innovative in a scene for the site and play something really sulfur . Little time had passed since the beginning when it came out Infernal Messengers first demo , recorded in the macabre and lost rehearsal room , in use at the time. Meanwhile, a third messenger joined the band , a second guitarist Namtar . Shortly afterwards came a second demo , The Gates of Death . With difficulty we dragged

The bands country origin: Italy

Biographies of metal bands

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Cries Of Your Sins : Biographies of metal bands

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Cries Of Your Sins, biography

Cries Of Your Sins

Band name: Cries Of Your Sins

Cries Of Your Sins is extreme metal created by Mike Coys (all instruments and vocals) with hopes of one day forming a full line-up band built for playing live shows and eventually touring. Demo 2015 was recorded and mixed at home.... no studio. Just mic, guitar amp and my notebook... so it's not studio work.Just a few demo tracks to promote myself. I wanna find musicians and label... start play live shows ,record debut album etc.

The bands country origin: Czech Republic

Biographies of metal bands

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Grímnismál : Biographies of metal bands

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Grímnismál, biography


Band name: Grímnismál

It all began in the cold winter of 2000, when I wanted to try and start a project by myself. For years I had played in different bands like Deadly Sins, De Lupis Somnire and Vampiricia Nigra. I had just formed the death metal band Ravishing, but wanted to do something different on my own, so Grímnismál was started. The concept behind Grímnismál was, and still is, the spirits and forces of nature, Nordic pagan spirituality and ancient mythology. Something that is close to my personal beliefs. In February 2001 I started writing songs for the first demo. I recorded the first demo called

The bands country origin: Denmark

Biographies of metal bands

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Autumnal : Biographies of metal bands

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Autumnal, biography


Band name: Autumnal

AUTUMNAL was formed in Madrid, in 1998, by Ricardo and Javier de Pablo, being considered the cornerstone of Iberian metal both by fans and media, a must hear and crucial reference among bands within this genre that has slowly increased their fan-base with each release and each intense live performance, no mattering the pace. Through different changes in the line-up and different stages in the band, 3 different EPs and 2 full-length albums have been the result of years of experiences and hearts full of passion; a catalog of mainly self-produced works slowly built, attracting media and fans and

The bands country origin: Spain

Biographies of metal bands

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FUNERIS : Biographies of metal bands

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FUNERIS, biography


Band name: FUNERIS

FUNERIS is a project of funeral doom metal Lima, Buenos Aires, Argentina, who presented his first album on April 23, 2014. The same is titled "Waning Light", with a total duration of 50 minutes, consisting of six songs, including three of them have lyric (two in Castilian and English). "Waning Light" was released through the label Silent Time Noise (Russia) with a production of 1,000 copies, 100 of which are available in Argentina since late May. The project is headed by Alejandro Sabransky (1917 Bokrug, Ammentia) on guitars, bass and vocals.

The bands country origin: Argentina

Biographies of metal bands

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Negura Bunget : Biographies of metal bands

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Negura Bunget, biography

Negura Bunget

Band name: Negură Bunget

The Name A powerful dark presence of an intense nature, connected with the local nature and with its spirit, ascending and descending, shaping through the clouds of the present. You can sometimes feel it is there, but you cannot grab it. Only your clean mind and soul can came close of its presence. From the very beginning we shaped ourselves into relating with it, so that is now part of us. That’s how we understand Negura Bunget. Negura Bunget is a black fog coming from a deep dark dense forest. The name tries to picture somehow the kind of atmosphere, both musical and spiritual we’d want to

The bands country origin: Romania

Biographies of metal bands

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0 X í S T : Biographies of metal bands

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0 X í S T, biography

0 X í S T

Band name: 0 X í S T

0 X í S T, as for zero exist, is a dark metal band from Riihimäki, Finland. The band was formed in 2008. 0 X í S T's first CDEP Unveiling the Shadow World was released in April 2010 by Ostra Records. It was followed by debut album Nil in December 2012. The album was released on CD as co-operation between Ostra Records and Cold Void Emanations. 0 X í S T’s second album One Eon will be released in February 2015. 0 X í S T has performed live in 10 different countries: Belgium, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden and Poland. 0 X í S T plays metal that is

The bands country origin: Finland

Biographies of metal bands

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Sear Bliss : Biographies of metal bands

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Sear Bliss, biography

Sear Bliss

Band name: Sear Bliss

Formed by András Nagy in the autumn of 1993, the band tries to create an outright original music based on dark elements combined with deep visions presented with sheer brutality - and all enveloped in the softening sound of a trumpet and a synthetiser. Lyrically it is a ride in the afterworld and to places where the human body can not enter only the most seeking soul and persistent spirit. The band's first demo, entitled "The Pagan Winter", was released in April 1995. This four-track tape introduced the band to the underground scene and received great responses from all over the world. This

The bands country origin: Hungary

Biographies of metal bands

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A Day In Venice : Biographies of metal bands

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A Day In Venice, biography

A Day In Venice

Band name: A Day In Venice

Project from Trieste, initiated and composed by Andrej Kralj, also known as a poet, painter and rock musician with band Vulture and the Guru. The concept behind A Day In Venice is to pay homage to creativity, construction and meaning. Musically, it blends Gothic, Doom and neoclassical influences, along with more eclectic elements to create dark atmospheric moods.

The bands country origin: Italy

Biographies of metal bands

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Grey November : Biographies of metal bands

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Grey November, biography

Grey November

Band name: Grey November

"GREY NOVEMBER" was born in the hopelessness of a cold autumn night in 1998. Painful feelings give Cedric SEYSSIECQ the first inspirations of music stamped with deep melancholy, where keyboards and heavy guitars give birth to a dark and romantic doom. GREY NOVEMBER already shares with the french Romantic movement, in the artistic sense of the word, the same aspirations and haunted ideals, the same painful passions and despaired outbursts. The beauty of Sadness, and sadness of Beauty, this grave and dangerous union, pure and clear, guides the compositions into the convergence of a first work.

The bands country origin: France

Biographies of metal bands

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