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Best metal releases of the current month of 2017

Thulcandra - Ascension Lost : Metal albums reviews

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Thulcandra - Ascension Lost , brief review

Thulcandra - Ascension Lost

Band name: Thulcandra

The halcyon days of melodic black and death metal can be traced back twenty years to a time when the pioneers were busy defining and moulding the sounds that are now widely accepted as being hugely influential on modern heavy music. They may not be as affluent in their purest form as they once were, but their relevance, as well as their reach, has rarely wavered. Formed in 2003, Munich's Thulcandra went on hiatus soon afterwards - returning seven years later to begin churning out grandiose Dissection-worship to the applause of those who missed the atmosphere and bite of the old school sound.

Album: Ascension Lost , review

The bands country origin: Germany

Metal albums reviews

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A Day In Venice : A Day In Venice : Metal albums reviews

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A Day In Venice : A Day In Venice , brief review

A Day In Venice : A Day In Venice

Band name: A Day In Venice

Doom, as a true underground movement, has more than its fair share of enigmatic denizens: deliberately faceless, nameless and esoteric bands releasing mysterious, unexplained slabs of extremity wrapped in wilfully uninformative packaging. And whilst that ne plus ultra of letting the music do the talking is one form of absolute artistic integrity, the flip side of the coin, where the artist stands openly with their creation, pointing to the motivation and intent behind it. True, that may sometimes be an irrelevance, even a disappointment at having enchantment explained prosaically; equally, it

Album: A Day In Venice , review

The bands country origin: Italy

Metal albums reviews

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Omit Medusa - Truth Part 1 : Metal albums reviews

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Omit Medusa - Truth Part 1 , brief review

Omit  Medusa - Truth Part 1

Band name: Omit

Some albums are easy to review. Even when I listen to them for the first time, I already have some ideas what to write, and I quickly form an opinion which I can stand by. And then there are albums like Medusa Truth Part 1 which are considerably more challenging. Even after repeated listens, the sophomore by Norwegian Omit proved elusive. Above all, I had a very hard time trying to actually enjoy this new release. I almost felt obliged to enjoy it, having written a very favourable review of the band’s debut, having interviewed them and all, but eventually I had to give up: the album wouldn’t

The bands country origin: Norway

Metal albums reviews

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I Miss My Death : In Memories : Metal albums reviews

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I Miss My Death : In Memories , brief review

I Miss My Death : In Memories

Band name: I Miss My Death

Ukraine have had an interesting incline of Atmospheric Doom and Gothic Metal bands within the past five years, taking their inspiration from the romantic styles of bands like Draconian, Theatre of Tragedy, and The Sins of Thy Beloved. Young Ukrainian quintet I Miss My Death falls into this category, playing bombastic and orchestral music with an operatic soprano singer, a healthy dose of classical instruments, and a very dramatic and intense atmosphere. The elements of Doom are fairly sparse here, mostly being constricted to some odd slow spots throughout the album. A majority of the music

The bands country origin: Ukraine

Metal albums reviews

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Amederia : Unheard Prayer : Metal albums reviews

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Amederia : Unheard Prayer , brief review

Amederia : Unheard Prayer

Band name: Amederia

As fans of Draconian impatiently wait for the band’s upcoming album, and fans of The Sins of Thy Beloved remain bitter over their now-official disbandment, they have this new output from Russian group Amederia to keep them entertained. However, for those wanting to hear something refreshing or unique out of the hit-or-miss reigns of Gothic/Doom Metal, like me, you may not find such entertainment in this album. Six years after the release of their first album, 'Sometimes We Have Wings', the group hasn’t done much to break out of the box and stand out from their influences. Though some clear

The bands country origin: Russian Federation

Metal albums reviews

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