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Best metal releases of the current month of 2017

How to add Albums?

On a site the followings genres are settled:
All Melodic Atmosheric, Black, Doom metal genres and their subgenres. No cores, no electronic music, no rock and other are not allowed to post here.
Also you are welcome to post any biography and interesting albums recension, survey of the bands which belong to this genres. Just choose the suitable category when adding post and fill in required fields.

Content of new.
For an album - a cover is needed measuring maksimum 300 pixels on a width in short-story and, desirably, 300 pixels in a complete new.
Image lay out on,,

Tracklist must look like the following:
1. the name of track
2. the name of track etc..
It is impossible to create Tracklist of such type: track 1 track01 et cetera ...

Click the register link as on the picture below and follow the instructions

In a control panel it is needed to choose a line to "Add a new".

First use search to find if there is no such album on our site that you want to add
In a line enter "Heading" the name of band, album and year of issue (to write a year in brackets)
Than you choose a category which your new belongs to
Also a cover must not exceed a size 300x300 pixels. Upload the image cover to any pic hosts as, and get direct link to in in *.jpg format

Genre category :
It is necessarily needed to specify a genre a band plays in which.
Then fill in the required fields as on the picture below in example. It is very easy!

If the band have youtube video you need to choose only last sybmols from the link after the v=.
For example from youtube link we choose only qc-LV69eIrg

Fill in download links in download1, download2 , download3, fields
We accept any fileshares like,, depositfiles, etc. It is forbidden to put passwords on archives.
Click PREVIEW to check if everything right and then SEND button and the your album will be published after admins moderation.

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