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Best metal releases of the current month of 2017

Ahamkara : The Embers of the Stars - Genre : Metal albums reviews

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Ahamkara : The Embers of the Stars

Ahamkara : The Embers of the Stars

Band name: Ahamkara

The atmospheric black metal scene certainly has its share of disappointments, but it cuts both ways; sometimes you pick up a record that is a pleasant surprise. Ahamkara's first LP, The Embers of the Stars, is one in the latter category. This two-man UK project, headed by Wodensthrone keyboardist Michael Blenkarn, succeeds in distilling an outsized amount of talent into only four songs (though since none of them is under ten minutes long, there is plenty of space to fill), and the result is a complex and emotional work that lesser atmospheric black metal bands often aspire to without success.

Album: The Embers of the Stars

The bands country origin: United Kingdom

Music genre: Bands / Metal albums reviews

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