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Best metal releases of the current month of 2017

Dødsfall : Kaosmakt - Genre : Metal albums reviews

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Dødsfall : Kaosmakt

Dødsfall : Kaosmakt

Band name: Dødsfall

Holy black metal, batman! Dødsfall are perhaps as typical as Norwegian black metal gets, from the black-and-white trees and corpsepainted figures on their earlier album covers to their old-Darkthrone-on-speed sound. Still, there's no denying that this sort of thing satisfies a definite need when done well, and this duo are good at what they do. Fast, blasting, and most definitely keyboard-free, Kaosmakt has a subtle rocking thrash influence notable that makes it a very enjoyable listen, although the lack of depth elsewhere makes it a short-term love rather than one I'll still be praising come

Album: Kaosmakt

The bands country origin: Norway

Music genre: Bands / Metal albums reviews

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