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Best metal releases of the current month of 2017

Deveikuth : VII​-​π​-​III - Genre : Metal albums reviews

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Deveikuth : VII​-​π​-​III

Deveikuth : VII​-​π​-​III

Band name: Deveikuth

One of the more delightful things about being here is the variety of music which lands in my inbox every week: hugely popular (by Doom standards, at least) bands, rubbing shoulders with completely unknown names, spanning every part of the spectrum (and beyond, even if, sadly, there's often no time to spare for further exploration of these latter). Sure, plenty of them fall into some sort of 'sounds like...' or 'heard it all before...', or drop into the abyss of the unexceptional, but it's still heartening how many bands strive to produce something new, worthwhile and individual by rearranging

Album: VII​-​π​-​III

The bands country origin: France

Music genre: Bands / Metal albums reviews

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