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Best metal releases of the current month of 2017

Khemmis > Hunted album review - Genre : Metal albums reviews

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Khemmis > Hunted album review

Khemmis >  Hunted album review

Band name: Khemmis

This sophomore proves it’s not enough to say that Khemmis is a great band; they’re a group of true artists. With their debut release, ’Absolution’, Khemmis made some noise in the Doom world, giving us all something to talk about. They pulled off several approaches to the genre, with each attempt demonstrating a high level of musical proficiency, marking themselves with the cute, but appropriate label of Doom n’ Roll, due to the innumerable riffs and leads one might expect to come from an 80’s rock legend. Their guitarists knew how to play and weren’t afraid to show it. Yet, it was this

Album: Hunted

The bands country origin: USA

Music genre: Bands / Metal albums reviews

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